What happens to .eu domains after Brexit?

Protect your .EU domain!

⚖️ Legally keep your .eu domain after Brexit ⚖️

🥳 ~ Goodbye EU ~ 🥳

Will ownership be transferred?

Yes, it is the only ⚖️ legal ⚖️ way to protect your domain.

To whom the ownership is transferred to?

To a natural EU person resident in the EU.

Isn't it dangerous to transfer full ownership to you?

No, I am a trustful person and you will get all my identity information. If you want to contact me to discuss or chat, simply email: protection@eu-domain-brexit.party

Can't I just put a false EU address?

Yes~ you can certainly try, however this is a breach of the EURid Policy §2.2 and doing so “could lead to a loss of the domain name“.

How can I use the domain name if you own it?

The legal arrangement is to lease you back the usage (“usufruct”) of the domain.

How much is the service?

€10 per year, refundable if the transfer fails (wrong transfer code, you reject the transfer, or you change your mind before the transfer completes). No refunds after the transfer is successful.

What does the fee include?

It includes the transfer of the domain name, an extension of 1 year, and the leasing for 1 year.

Will I get a renewal invoice automatically?

Yes! And you can also renew earlier at any time.

What if I do not pay the renewal?

I will let your domain expire.

What if I need to change the NS servers?

You can contact me and I will do it as soon as possible.

What if I want to stop using your service?

No problem, just request the transfer code and off you go, there is no exit fee.

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